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Sneak Peek – Awesometown!

Posted on Sep 26 by

I’m back!  Sort of… My nephew is completely obsessed with cars right now, and he has his second birthday coming up in October.  I wanted to make him a car playmat...


Halloween has come and gone…

Posted on Nov 13 by

And I realized I hadn’t posted pictures of the costumes I’ve made!  ACK!  They were posted to dA and Facebook, but not here.  I’m so bad at blogging. My kids...


I have discovered an awesome thing

Posted on Oct 13 by

Okay, it isn’t really a “new” thing, since I’ve been posting paintings I’ve made from photographs to show how awesome Painter is and how awesome of...


Midian – Sounds From The World Between

Posted on Sep 30 by

My second musical venture into Jack Shear’s The World Between is complete! Introducing…Midian! This one was giving me some trouble, until I opened the four songs I...


Veins of Vine

Posted on Sep 25 by

In between Sims 2 building and game planning, I’m doing random art.  Well, it’s not really so random. Trolling through the resources on DeviantArt is both...


Oil paint Michael

Posted on Sep 21 by

Another Painter experiment – this time it was fast.  I did this in about 45 minutes and didn’t do any additional painting on top of it.  I really like how the swirly...